Clean Energy Storage Solutions Of Bermuda & New Use Energy Team Up On Emergency Power

Clean Energy Storage Solutions Of Bermuda & New Use Energy Team Up On Emergency Power

TEMPE, Ariz. – Feb. 8, 2022 – PRLog — Clean Energy Storage Solutions of Bermuda (CESS-BDA) and New Use Energy (NUE) of Tempe, Arizona have teamed up to provide mobile solar solutions for Bermuda, ranging from ultra-portable PowerPacs to Solar Trailers and high efficiency foldable portable solar panels.  CESS-BDA will actively work to replace the use of fossil fueled generators with the latest portable renewable energy technologies from NUE. The vision is to help Bermuda build resiliency and strive towards a zero-carbon footprint by introducing products that allow consumers to have more access to clean and efficient energy anytime, anywhere.


“CESS-BDA is focused on providing Renewable Energy Solutions that are accessible and affordable for all and when I saw New Use Energy’s professional grade solutions, it inspired me to pioneer a new path of mobile clean energy solutions for Bermuda.  The ability to use the equipment year-round in various ways but have it ready at a moment’s notice for emergency response appeals to many government agencies, businesses and individuals,” said Dwayne Trott, CEO of CESS-BDA. “The cost savings are evident versus having to install large expensive fixed systems.  CESS-BDA also wants to inspire Bermuda to lead by example by using these portable solar solutions at high profile sporting events and other outdoor promotional events such as weddings. I look forward to expanding support from the local government and the Bermudian community for using one of our clean renewable energy solutions which will mean that the need to use fossil fuels to keep them going will no longer be required.”


“When Dwayne contacted us, we set out to map him into the right solutions from our comprehensive product line up that is designed to address a wide range of emergency and portable power needs.  Dwayne and I see eye to eye on the dangers and limitations of using gasoline power generators and how solar equivalents have progressed,” said Paul Shmotolokha, CEO of NUE.  “Dwayne has been monitoring all our recent field deployments since Hurricane Ida, California and Colorado wildfires and Midwest tornadoes and has crafted a great vision for transforming Bermuda’s preparedness for extreme weather, public events and construction and put them on a sustainable path.”


CESS-BDA ( is an innovative, affordable, clean energy solutions company that offers disruptive smart green technologies that span both land and sea. The company’s core principles are based on the Planet, Partnerships, Innovation and Technology.


New Use Energy (NUE) ( is an Arizona based company whose mission is to provide affordable clean energy for anyone, anywhere. NUE engineers and manufactures affordable solar+battery systems which replace traditional fossil fuel alternatives such as portable generators. NUE emphasizes mobility as well as field serviceability to maximize the usable life of our products.  Advantages of NUE’s products include SPEED of deployment, SIMPLICITY of the technology and SUSTAINABILITY of the solution.

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