Welcome to the Future of Energy with NUEPower™

Empower your world with NUEPower™, the pinnacle of battery technology. Our advanced lithium-ion phosphate batteries are engineered to excel in a diverse range of applications, from the tranquility of tiny homes to the bustling demands of industrial sectors. Experience unmatched reliability, efficiency, and safety with our high-quality LiFePO4 Tier 1 cells. Whether you're navigating the open seas, managing critical telecommunications, or powering heavy-duty mining equipment, NUEPower™ offers sustainable, powerful, and intelligent energy solutions tailored to your specific needs. Embrace innovation and performance with NUEPower™ and transform how you power your life and work.

Telecommunications & Broadband

Empower your telecommunications and broadband infrastructure with the advanced technology of NUEPower™ lithium-ion phosphate batteries. Our batteries are specifically designed to meet the critical power needs of the telecom industry, providing a reliable and long-lasting energy solution. With superior LiFePO4 Tier 1 cells, NUEPower™ batteries offer an exceptional cycle life, ensuring consistent performance and minimal downtime.
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Set sail with confidence using NUEPower™ lithium-ion phosphate batteries, the ideal power solution for the marine environment. Our batteries are engineered to thrive in marine settings, offering unparalleled reliability for outboard motors and other nautical applications. With their robust LiFePO4 Tier 1 cells, NUEPower™ batteries ensure high cycle life and exceptional safety, even in the demanding conditions at sea. They provide consistent, high-powered performance, crucial for marine activities, while being significantly lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries

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NUEPower's lithium RV battery packs set a new benchmark in reliability, ensuring an uninterrupted journey every time. Ideal for RV and van-life aficionados, our solutions are designed to reduce generator use and streamline charging times. Each NUEPower™ battery showcases a high cycle life with safe LiFePO4 Tier 1 cells. Featuring built-in Bluetooth communication directly from the Battery Management System (BMS), our batteries deliver precise state of charge details, cell voltages, runtime estimates, and remote control capabilities, offering a level of insight and control not possible with traditional lead acid batteries.

Golf Carts

Experience the revolution in golf cart performance with NUEPower™ lithium-ion phosphate batteries. Our batteries are engineered to elevate your golf cart experience, offering a lightweight design for more agility, enhanced power for improved performance, and significantly reduced charging times compared to lead-acid batteries. With NUEPower™, maintenance concerns become a thing of the past. Enjoy extended mileage on a single charge and superior acceleration, even on challenging terrains.

Tiny Homes

Embrace the ultimate off-grid lifestyle in your tiny home with NUEPower's lithium-ion phosphate batteries. Crafted from premium LiFePO4 Tier 1 cells, our batteries are a beacon of energy efficiency and longevity. Designed specifically for off-grid applications, NUEPower™ batteries offer a superior energy storage solution, delivering about 50% more energy capacity compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Whether it's for solar integration or general energy needs, NUEPower™ ensures your tiny home stays powered with reliability and efficiency. 


Unlock the full potential of your solar projects with NUEPower™ lithium-ion phosphate batteries. Our batteries are the cornerstone of any efficient solar setup, designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. They boast a high cycle life with safe, robust LiFePO4 Tier 1 cells, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Forklift Power

Transform your material handling operations with the unparalleled efficiency of NUEPower™ lithium-ion phosphate batteries for forklifts. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments, our batteries provide a powerful, yet eco-friendly alternative to traditional power sources. They offer a significantly higher cycle life, enhanced safety with LiFePO4 Tier 1 cells, and require virtually no maintenance.

Lead Acid DIY Replacement

Embrace the future of energy with NUEPower's lithium-ion phosphate batteries, the perfect replacement for outdated lead-acid batteries. Our cutting-edge technology provides a leap in efficiency, safety, and longevity, offering a high cycle life without the maintenance and environmental concerns associated with lead-acid batteries. NUEPower™ batteries are designed for seamless integration into existing systems, providing a substantial upgrade in performance and reliability. With their lightweight design and superior energy density, they are an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from renewable energy systems to electric vehicles. Upgrade to NUEPower™ and unlock the potential of advanced, eco-friendly energy storage.