Professional Grade for Professional Users NUE products

Professional design for Professional Users.

The vast majority of portable systems on the market are built for OCCASIONAL use by consumers as plug-in home backups. We at NUE pay attention to the details, not just the exterior features of our products.

  • We build out of tough, weatherized, and fire-retardant external cases.
  • We use industry-standard but professional-grade components like Anderson Power pole connectors and battery breakers.
  • We only use UL-listed Tier-1 cells.
  • We provide both AC 110V and DC 48V/24V Power
  • When possible we use 48v systems to allow for maximum solar charging

Case Study

Our SunKit 5050Ext has powered remote telemetry on solar construction sites in 100+ degree heat for >90 straight days in Arizona.

Deliver to Specifications

Specifications are important but can be misleading.
You have to know your product will work to its specs.
Our users, from equipment rental partners to Ukrainian Special Forces, tell us that only NUE’s products perform as billed. This is is particularly true with regards to inverter and battery

  • One of the most elite units in Ukraine, Kraken, and the 92nd Assault Brigade uses the SunCase 2025 to recharge drones and power critical battlefield communications and information systems. They told us the Suncase 2025 is the best unit they have used in comparison to leading consumer brands. They now only ask for our unit. We use industrystandard but professional-grade components like Anderson Powerpole connectors and battery breakers.

Why Professional Grade

We actively solicit - and incorporate feedback - from our users to improve our products (examples: SunKit quick-off door, ergonomic carry handles, Integrated PV, GPS IOT tracking, geofencing, and battery heating options, lockout tag-out features, etc). In the film industry, we have developed the SunCase 3651 which has both dual output (48V DC and 110V AC), inverter components rated to 70C, and multiple charging options (built-in for maximum cycle life and fast-charging for urgent deployments).

Notice the ergonomic handles on the SunCase 2025, while a small detail, this has been a major improvement that came from customer requests.

We are a partner-friendly company

We prefer to build repeat business and partnerships over direct to consumer sales. Our Partners include rental houses, distributors, industry specialist companies, etc. We work to design and build products that strengthen your brand and reputation. We private label our products with partner branding given sufficient volume. We won’t undercut you via our website.