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Our suite of portable power solutions has been engineered with the crucial needs of telecomms professionals in mind. Replace the problematic, noisy, and costly gas-operated generators with our sleek, silent and reliable battery-powered solutions, toughened to endure the any outdoor environment.

  • Portability
  • Reduces need for idling
  • Clean & Quiet
  • Long-lasting
  • Clean waveform
  • Quick and easy deployment
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Discover the innovative shift from traditional portable gas generators to mobile battery generators in our recent webinar, hosted by Alliance and New Use Energy. This enlightening video explored practical, user-friendly, and safe alternatives for emergency power and extended runtime solutions.

In this webinar, viewers learned about:

  • The practical applications and advantages of mobile battery generators, offering a significant upgrade over conventional gas generators.
  • Unique scenarios where battery generators excel, enhancing service quality and customer experiences.
  • Strategies for utilizing solar energy during prolonged emergencies and disasters.
  • Ways to reduce environmental and logistical issues such as noise, fumes, fuel transportation, and theft risks.
  • Navigating government tax credits and rebates to make the most of your investment.
  • The Total Cost of Ownership model for these advanced power solutions, providing a comprehensive understanding of their long-term value.

This webinar provided valuable insights into the future of emergency power solutions. If you missed it, click below to watch the video and catch up on what you need to know!