How NUE Products Are Aiding Recovery After Hurricane Ida

How NUE Products Are Aiding Recovery After Hurricane Ida

Following Hurricane Ida, certain areas of the continental US now face energy shortages. More than 30,000 power-line poles and nearly 6,000 transformers across Louisiana were damaged or destroyed during the storm. The region now faces power outages making it difficult to manage lights, appliances and many more electrical devices. Thankfully, emergency response organizations are stepping in to aid those in need. Footprint Project is one of these organizations currently using New Use Energy (NUE) products to provide relief for Louisiana residents.

NUE Products In the Field

We designed NUE products to provide affordable, clean energy through portable solar-powered units. Knowing how to power essentials by planning ahead is critical. During emergency situations, one of the most critical needs is electricity. People need to be able to remain in contact with the world around them. They also need access to food and clean water and to be able to power light sources. In the lower Plaquemines Parish area of Louisiana, gas has been difficult to come across. Some residents have even traveled as far as Mississippi to obtain enough gas to power their generators. Footprint Project has been able to provide a local emergency coordinator with a 2KW, 24V SunKit in order to replace a gas generator. They were able to utilize the SunKit to power lights, charge phones, operate a small refrigerator and a big-screen TV. Community members charged the SunKit unit with 2, 60-cell PV panels which totaled about 700W. Additionally, a community within a Bayou area in Southern Louisiana is using a NUE (T3) trailer to power a community’s main charging hub for essential devices as well as lights at night.

A Chain of Efficient Power

A SunKit charging from solar and, in turn, charging several PowerPac 1000s

NUE products can even be charged by one another. The Footprint Project Team has been able to use 2, PowerPac 1000s and 1 PowerPac 2200. These portable power stations ran 3 fans, powered lights, charged phones and laptops and inflated air mattresses for their entire stay in New Orleans. Two PV panels of about 650W charged the SunKit which, in turn, charged the PowerPacs.

Footprint Project utilized this PowerPac 2200 to power their fans, air mattress pump, charging and more.

The preservation of food and certain medications is one of the most important aspects to consider when there are power outages. A volunteer responding to Ida even referred to having reliable refrigeration as a “game-changer.” As a result, NUE’s grid-independent SunFreez DC freezer could be especially helpful during a disaster like this. Taking into consideration those with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep volunteers and residents nourished without refrigeration available. Being able to function as both a freezer and refrigerator when desired, the SunFreez provides a reliable source for the preservation of foods and medicines, including insulin, in emergency scenarios.

Furthermore, each of NUE’s products is easy to set up. Certain products that operate with solar panels, like the SunKit, require minimal assembly to connect the unit with solar panels. With compact and portable designs, most of these systems do not require extensive assembly. The required items are all located within its containment unit. Overall, Footprint Project is capable of utilizing NUE solar energy sources to operate all the essential devices that may be necessary directly following Hurricane Ida.

NUE Can Help More Emergency Organizations

NUE’s objective as a company is to provide clean energy for anyone, anywhere. We make this possible with rapidly deployable, reliable products that serve the emergency power needs of a community. We can prepare emergency managers and organizations for outages and emergencies with power that does not rely on the availability of gas. In the wake of Hurricane Ida, equipment quickly arrived in Louisiana. As the storm made landfall on the 29th of August, Footprint Project team members soon arrived in New Orleans two days later. Not long afterward, more equipment followed.


A PowerPac 1000 charging vital communication tools

Some NUE units, like the PowerPac 1000s, are always ready to ship right away. In some cases, SunKits could take more time to arrive but can still be provided in time to have an impact. Building a NUE trailer requires some time. However, there are a number of trailers currently deployed by Footprint in various locations across the U.S.

NUE is poised to help as many emergency managers and organizations as possible. Whether an organization is purchasing equipment ahead of time or having it ready to purchase, NUE is capable of providing equipment whenever necessary. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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