Let’s Meet at the PGA Show in Orlando January 24-26!

Let’s Meet at the PGA Show in Orlando January 24-26!

Ready to advance your golf course with sustainable power solutions? Join New Use Energy at the PGA Show in Orlando and discover how we can help you transition away from portable gasoline generators.

Experience the power of clean energy with our portable solar+battery generators designed for the serenity and sustainability of your greens.

In addition to powering your maintenance needs silently and efficiently, we're excited to present our specialized lithium-ion batteries crafted for golf carts. These robust units promise to enhance the performance and longevity of your fleet, ensuring a smooth ride for every swing.

Contact us at sales@newuseneergy.com to set up a time to meet!

Visit Us at Booth #2405

Portable Power

Designed for the forward-thinking golf course, our power stations offer a seamless transition from traditional fuel generators to a quieter, cleaner, and more sustainable operation. Equipped with robust lithium-ion technology, they deliver reliable, maintenance-free power that keeps your course running smoothly and your environmental impact low.


Efficient Batteries

Elevate your golf course's efficiency with New Use Energy's advanced lithium-ion batteries. Tailored specifically for golf carts, these batteries are a game-changer, providing longer life, faster charging, and consistent power delivery. They're designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Embrace the green revolution on the green with our high-performance batteries — because every round should play out smoothly and sustainably.

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