NUE Empowers the Creative

NUE Empowers the Creative



The art of filmmaking and cinematography is in a perpetual state of evolution
melding camera and the tools of lighting together to elevate the story. NUE strives
to aid the creative process to paint a greater picture with light and expand the
filmic possibilities.
The ability for the same amount of time and money to “paint with light” and thus produce a superior product to that possible under past restrictions.


We help you “Choose the Best Location”

Thanks to NUE solar+battery generators and new LED lighting technology you can now place lighting in the best locations to expand the visual pallet and potential that would be otherwise be difficult or near impossible if you had to be tethered with bandit cable to a centralized generator.

If you desire to creatively lighting, what would be considered a difficult logistics location (e.g., a hilltop, cliff face, a series of separate buildings or stories, or any myriad of challenging situations) we offer a new innovative solution. Place the lighting instruments in the locations you desire then simply drop silent NUE power units next to the light and simply plug in.

What you don’t have to worry about is running hundreds and hundreds of feet heavy bandit to each separate light and being tethered to a heavy, loud, and polluting centralized fuel generator.


Consider the possibility of small teams filming in an exotic location with an arsenal of new lights all being powered by silent NUE solar+battery self-sustaining generators. NUE products are tough, rugged, and have been deployed in 100+ temperatures and real world conditions, including war zones. Use them in areas where gas-powered generators are not permitted or during times of year when generator use is banned (e.g. high-fire season in California).

Get the Most out of your location shoot

Employing NUE generator can significantly reduce pre-light and wrap-outs time on location, which expands actual shooting time and facilitates lighting in areas that might otherwise have been problematic.

It many situations the NUE generator can offer innovative and alternative ways to power the equipment and film, which allows for a lower profile presence and untethered mobility. Lights and power can be deployed on a variety of vehicles that would never be considered as camera cars.

The NUE generators can be used in conjunction with traditional large filming productions to augment the creative team needs. You can deploy small splinter units where the logistics of big trucks are not feasible. Or completely free up the independent filmmaker or documentarian to shoot out of the back of their car.

NUE solar+battery generators exponentially alter the where and how filming can take place. This allows directors stretch the productions physical ability to bring their vision to life.




Go Indoors

While outdoor location shoots provide the most obvious settings for utilizing NUE products to improve production outcomes, there are benefits indoors as well. Expand shooting in tighter, smaller, narrower spaces or in rooms or environments that running bandit could cause damage or be seen in the shot. Rooftop and upper levels of building shots become much easier when one doesn’t have to run a chord down to a street-level generator to power lighting and other equipment.



Depending on the size of the load, many users will choose to recharge NUE battery generators at night from the grid and deploy them in the daylight. To take full advantage of NUE battery generators, consider pairing them with our portable solar arrays. Our arrays are powerful and easy to deploy. While open space is limited on set, recharging units with solar while in use can decrease battery drain and allow you to get more out of smaller NUE products.

There are few environmentally conscious innovations that also improve the user experience: NUE battery+solar generators do.


What does this all mean?

 NUE helps the filmmaker paint a more cinematic canvas!

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