New Use Energy Demonstrates the Advanced Capabilities of the SunKit™ 5050 EXT in the DHS Clean Power for Hours Competition

New Use Energy Demonstrates the Advanced Capabilities of the SunKit™ 5050 EXT in the DHS Clean Power for Hours Competition

Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Clean Power for Hours Competition finalist New Use Energy (NUE) proudly presented the SunKit™ 5050 EXT in the final demonstration round hosted by Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical Citizen Corps (DMFMCC).

The DHS competition judges a diverse array of renewable, domestically sourced power solutions that maintain critical emergency operations for at least 36 hours. The SunKit exceeds this requirement and can operate indefinitely as a stand-alone solar + battery system off the grid.

At the forefront of mobile, rapidly deployable renewable energy solutions, the SunKit plays a critical role in powering DMFMCC’s mobile command center which includes equipment such as an air conditioner, laptops, induction cooktop, lights, fans and radios. Of particular note was the SunKit’s ability to eliminate radio frequency interference (RFI) which had been plaguing the DMFMCC team, limiting their ability to communicate in emergencies. This phenomenon was experienced by the DMFMCC team during an interoperability drill with another CERT team, where their gas generators reduced the effectiveness of their communications equipment. 

Now in its third generation, the SunKit™ is widely recognized for its reliability and versatility in settings ranging from emergency operation centers (EOCs) to hospital rooms and even remote construction sites.

The DMFM Community Emergency Response Team, with its 30-member volunteer force, is committed to supporting first responders in the wake of emergencies. Covering an area home to over 65,000 people, the team emphasizes disaster preparedness and smart resilience strategies, with a focus on wildfires, flooding, and earthquakes.

Situated in the stunning but challenging landscapes of the Arizona mountain foothills, the DMFM CERT team greatly benefits from the reliability and efficiency of the NUE-SolarKit. The system's design effectively eliminates the logistical challenges of fuel supply, radio frequency interference, and the environmental impact of traditional generators, thus allowing the team to concentrate on their essential services and community education missions.

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NUE is a leader in the development and distribution of proprietary, state-of-the-art, ruggedized mobile solar generator systems that adapt to a diverse set of the most demanding commercial and industrial applications, delivering clean, renewable power wherever needed. For more information, visit

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