NUE Delivers Donated SunWing™ to Humboldt County Fire Agencies

NUE Delivers Donated SunWing™ to Humboldt County Fire Agencies

New Use Energy is proud to announce the build and delivery of a resilient solar plus battery storage trailer for use by 17 Humboldt County fire agencies in the Eureka, California area to use for emergency response.

Through the work of Captain Richard Birt and his non-profit Empowered by Light, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority facilitated a 1-year assignment of the trailer for Humboldt County.  The donated SunWing™ 2500 was built by NUE with donations from Schneider Electric, Simpliphi (battery) and Empowered by Light.

“The off-grid power source to use in the Southern Humboldt area will be very helpful for many incidences, especially as a command station.  Communications and lighting are both very important aspects that this solar powered trailer will be able to assist with as an incident command center,” said Marianne Bithell, Program Specialist for Infrastructure for the Redwood Coast Energy Authority. “It will replace 100 gallons of fuel per day, saving much needed dollars to be used for other firefighting needs.”

The SunWing™ solar trailer give firefighters experience using a solar and battery clean energy trailer as a noiseless portable command center for emergency response that can run and charge equipment as needed.

This specific trailer will be the first commercial deployment of the SunWing™ 2500. This trailer features several new innovations that make it stand out:

  • The lightweight solar panels are 30% percent lighter than solar panels made of glass with metal frames which makes for a lighter trailer and faster deployment
  • Using connection points built into the trailer, users can use the NUE SunTarp™ products to augment the solar input of the trailer for faster charging

NUE’s Head of Product Development Eric Youngren traveled to California with the trailer to provide the fire agencies with a walk through of the trailer and training on the features.

Learn more about our line of solar trailers here. 

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