NUE Featured in The Daily Inter Lake

NUE Featured in The Daily Inter Lake

NUE CEO Paul Shmotolokha was recently featured in a story in The Daily Inter Lake about the company's involvement with Rotary International's Power Up Ukraine campaign. Read the article here. 

One of Whitefish’s newest residents, Yurii Zinchenko, recently gave a presentation in Kalispell that illustrated the amount of destruction that is occurring in Ukraine, particularly in his hometown of Kharkiv.

His talk moved Whitefish resident Heidi Rickels and inspired her to spearhead a campaign to send solar-powered generators to Kharkiv. The first two units were delivered in early March to supply electricity to a local hospital.

“We’ve raised about $17,000, enough for the first two generators, but hope that more people will contribute to help us reach our $50,000 goal,” Rickels said. “Because of the local connection, we’re hoping that more citizens in the valley will contribute to our campaign.”

Zinchenko’s presentation included two short videos of his hometown, one taken in 2021, showing fountains, white stone cathedrals with gold domes and children playing in colorfully landscaped parks.

The second video shows the destruction the town has experienced since war broke out in February 2022. The once vibrant town is gray. Buildings are gone or barely standing, adorned with twisted metal, broken glass and burnt, collapsed walls.

“It’s just horrible. I don’t know how to explain and to make you imagine the situation that people lived in this city after the war started,” Zinchenko said. “Russians use not only missiles, they use aircraft ... they still continue to destroy the city because they consider that all the city has is thanks to Russia.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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