New Use Energy and Rent Solar Merge as Portable Solar Powerhouse

New Use Energy and Rent Solar Merge as Portable Solar Powerhouse

New Use Energy Solutions Inc. (NUE-S), specializing in the global distribution of lithium batteries and portable power stations, and Footprint GBC. (DBA Rent.Solar), makers of solar trailers, solar shelters and solar generators, are excited to announce they have completed a definitive merger agreement.

Washington DC-based NUE-S was founded in 2019 to create global sales and distribution channels for innovative energy storage solutions. Through innovation in technology, finance, and supply chain, NUE aims to democratize solar and deliver clean energy at affordable price points while also reducing carbon emissions and E-Waste.

Minnesota based Rent.Solar was founded in 2019 to mobilize solar energy by developing towable solar energy systems and portable solar energy shelters. They created a fleet of trailers and shelters that brought clean energy to festivals, concerts, and events across the United States.  Together with their non-profit partner, Footprint Project, they provided power to over 15,000 people across North America in response to natural disasters and power outages.

Paul Shmotolokha, CEO of New Use Energy states “NUE emerges from this transaction with a dynamic and savvy management team, great product designs and a game-changing approach to portable power. While everyone in the solar industry makes a difference, users of our products actually feel the difference in their daily lives. They feel secure and empowered. Portable generators and lead-acid batteries are multi-billion dollar industries. New Use Energy is focused on replacing these dirty, dangerous, loud, fuel-guzzling generators with clean, quiet, solar electric generators using lithium battery technology to do what old-style, heavy and bulky energy lead-acid batteries cannot.”

Operating under the new brand, New Use Energy or NUE, the company is developing field serviceable, resilient and energy rich portable solar generators with high power solar inputs, industrial strength inverters and expandable lithium battery banks to best offer affordable clean energy for anyone, anywhere.  These solutions directly address fast growing needs for access to electricity when grids go down, which, due to climate change, is happening more often.

“Disaster relief is in our DNA.  Working with our strategic partner, Footprint Project, we’ve developed products that are unique in the market, based on our experience under these challenging conditions,” says Lee Feliciano, COO of New Use Energy.

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