New Use Energy Announces Distribution Partnership with Gaard One

New Use Energy Announces Distribution Partnership with Gaard One

TEMPE, ARIZONA – New Use Energy (NUE) is proud to announce our newest distribution partner, Gaard One, a retailer focused on solar-first outdoor and off-grid equipment.


A solar-first company, Gaard One’s target customer is the prosumer: a consumer seeking toughness, power and usability. NUE’s product line delivers on each of these elements and much more.


“NUE will help us expand our lineup of products in the RV and off-grid space,” said Nate Heegaard, Chief Outdoors Officer for Gaard One. “We’re excited to bring to the consumer a set of products that has been field tested by Footprint Project, Cajun Commissary and Third Wave volunteers in real disaster relief situations.”


“Gaard One’s retail presence will give us the ability to offer portable solar power solutions direct to the consumer to further align with our social impact missions and to provide affordable clean energy for anyone, anywhere.   I really admire what Gaard One sets out to achieve and how they serve their customers” said Paul Shmotolokha, CEO of New Use Energy.


In addition to working to change the landscape of outdoor gear, Gaard One saves one square foot of Minnesota land for every dollar it receives in revenue.


If you’re a distributor interested in offering NUE products, please contact us at


New Use Energy (NUE) is an Arizona based company whose mission is to provide affordable clean energy for anyone, anywhere. NUE engineers and manufactures affordable solar+battery systems which replace traditional fossil fuel alternatives such as portable generators. NUE emphasizes mobility as well as field serviceability to maximize the usable life of our products.  Advantages of NUE’s products include SPEED of deployment, SIMPLICITY of the technology and SUSTAINABILITY of the solution.

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