New Use Energy Solutions Sets Goal of $1 million for Equity Crowdfunding Raise

New Use Energy Solutions Sets Goal of $1 million for Equity Crowdfunding Raise

TEMPE, ARIZONA – After meeting its initial goal of $107,000 in its first round of fundraising, New Use Energy Solutions, Inc. (NUE) has launched the second phase of its Regulation CF offering on Start Engine with a new goal of $1 million. NUE focuses on the rapidly expanding global demand for portable, resilient, and renewable power. From leading-edge solar trailers to the modular Sunkit™ to ultra-portable PowerPacs, NUE’s professional grade product line provides customers a clean, quiet, safe, and easily deployable alternative to gas-powered generators.

Within four days of launching on crowdfunding platform StartEngine, NUE reached the initial goal of $107,000 from over 50 investors.

“The speed at which we reached our first goal shows that there’s really a passion and excitement out there for this type of product and we are ready to meet the demand,” said Founder and CEO, Paul Shmotolokha. “We’re full steam ahead on meeting our next milestone so that we can continue to focus on our goal of eliminating portable gasoline generators.”

NUE’s flexible systems adapt to users’ changing power needs, functioning as indispensable emergency preparedness tools or powering off-grid events and leisure activities. Unlike other companies in the portable power space, NUE focuses on the B2B (Business to Business) market segment because the NUE’s team understands that emergency managers, telecom operators, construction companies, and other business customers are long term repeat customers.

Visit NUE’s campaign page on StartEngine to learn more about their quest to provide emergency and off-grid power with portable, robust, solar-powered solutions.

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