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PowerPac™ 1221

PowerPac™ 1221

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NUE’s highest weight/ size to capacity ratio solar generator
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The NUE PowerPac 1221 provides unprecedented energy for its weight - almost 2X the capacity of the PowerPac 1212 -  using solid state lithium (SSLI) batteries in the same enclosure, but weighing just a few pounds more. 

The 1221 has all the same features as the 1212, but features a 2146Wh battery pack, giving it one of the best battery capacity-to-weight ratios of any full-featured unit.

A great balance between portability and maximum usable power (1200W/ 2146Wh)

Energy Saver settings provide efficient power management to maximize battery life

SAE adapter and built in 20A charge controller allows you to connect up to 450W for rapid solar charging

A true sine wave inverter allows operation of sensitive electronic devices

Easy-to-use Bluetooth app

Built around a durable but lightweight aluminum case that can handle a beating, not a plastic mold.

Warranty Document Product Data Sheet

User Manual

EMC Test Report

MSDS Report EU Certificate of Conformity

UN38.3 Test Report

PowerPac Version 1221
Pure Sine Wave Inverter1200W Continuous (2400 W Surge)
Battery Type Solid State Lithium Ion (SSLI)
Storage Capacity 2.15kWh
Estimated Cycle Life based on an 80% Depth of Discharge(subject to other variables including temperature and load) 6,000
DC Nominal Voltage 24V
AC Output Options120V or 240V, 50/60Hz
Solar Charge Controller20Amp PWM for 100-450 Watts (45Voc Max) 30-45V DC
AC Charging Included 200W@ 29.2VDC External
Circuit Breaker Protection N.A.
Battery Voltage Range21-34V DC
Operating Temperature Range32-131°F (0-55°C)
Weight36 lb (16kg)
Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD)15”x8”x11” (37x20x28 cm)
Warranty and Certifications2-YEAR LIMITED MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY, UL (Cell) CE(Cell) UN38.3 FCC RoHS, PSE

  • AC charger
  • Connector cable (SAE to MC4) for solar charging

  • PV Extension cable (30ft)

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